Posts published in June 2009

Open HealthWare: Top 50 Open Courseware Classes on Health and Fitness

by Linda on Jun 24, 2009

Are you open to learning more about health and fitness? If so, many colleges and universities have supplied open courses on those subjects. These courses, which range from anatomy to nutrition and reach every age group from prenatal to the elderly, can help you get on your game.

The following fifty open courseware classes were chosen from top universities around the country. They are categorized and each link within a given category is alphabetized. We use this method to assure readers that we do not favor one resource over another.

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The Healthy Living Guide for Web Workers: 50+ Resources

by Linda on Jun 22, 2009

If you work with computers and the Internet or know someone who does, you may know already that online interaction can damage health. But, the upside to online interaction is that it brings the normally isolated Web worker into a somewhat “social” realm. This advantage is useful, especially when the Web worker seeks help for various health issues.

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